Bethel Christian Schools recognizes that students have varying strengths, interests, abilities, and academic needs, and we wish to successfully address these differences to maximize student success.

Elementary & Middle Schools (grades k-5, 6-8)

Bethel Christian Elementary and Middle Schools offer additional help for students who may require more time in mastering certain skills.  BCS Elementary and Middle School students score an average of one to two years beyond grade level on state-approved standardized achievements tests.

High School (grades 9-12)

Bethel Christian High School’s goal is to prepare every student for higher education.  All courses meet the entrance requirements for college.

Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement courses may be taken in preparation for the state standardized examinations.  The type of AP courses offered varies from year to year but almost always includes either English Literature or Rhetoric.  Students must meet course entrance requirements.  After successfully passing the standardized AP exam, students may choose to petition their college for college credit. It is advised to check with the colleges to verify acceptance of the AP exam score for college course credit.

Traditional & Honors Courses

Bethel Christian School’s traditional college preparatory courses meet The College Board’s A to G list standards. Courses range from English, the sciences, mathematics, social studies, to the arts.  The option of completing additional work in order to qualify for ‘honors’ may be offered in a variety of subjects.

Fundamental Skills Courses

Bethel Christian Schools also offers courses to address the needs of students who may need more time to master specific coursework.