Bethel Christian Schools offer I-20 International students the opportunity to complete a college-preparatory program that is designed to build academic English skills as well as college-readiness. Students are tested and placed accordingly, then progress through the language development courses, college preparatory courses, and also have access to Advanced Placement courses.


We provide loving Christian families for the students to live with during their time here at Bethel Christian Schools. All families are prescreened through the Federal system (Live scan). Most importantly, they understand that their job is to work as a team with the student’s parents. Host families create a family atmosphere where the students are well taken care of, loved, and supported during their time at Bethel Christian Schools.


Bethel Christian Schools Summer and Winter Camps are a recreational way to make the most of student’s time off from school. The camp includes morning academics, afternoon games and activities, and weekly outings to educational and recreational. We also have some immersion programs and also offer STEM programs.


For additional information regarding any of these programs including tuition and fees, complete the form below or contact Mrs. Agopian (BCS International Coordinator) at