Bethel Christian Middle School and High School serve to support parents in their God-given task of raising a child in the ‘instruction of the Lord’ by fostering excellence in education and Christian character.  Students will be prepared to be Christ-centered, Critical and Creative Thinkers, Competent Communicators, Community Contributors, and Continual Life-long Learners (Five C’s for Success).  Parents and teachers should have a common understanding of the subjects taught and the teaching methods used.

Educational Methods

Students are encouraged and motivated to apply themselves in academic achievement. Habits are fostered regarding orderly accounting and accurate completion of assignments.

A.  Class Instruction – Concepts are presented, explained, and reviewed by the teacher with all students, training students to develop focus and encouraging participation in learning.

B.  Class Participation – Students are given opportunity for group discussion, group projects, and out-of-class learning experiences designed to promote better understanding and training in cooperation.  Consistent attendance is necessary for full benefit.

C.  Homework – Students are assigned homework in order to review and reinforce concepts taught in class. Parents should help students schedule a special time and a specified place in the home for completing homework.  Parents should insure that students return completed homework, assignments, books, and materials punctually.

D.  Tests/Quizzes – Progress is evaluated by requiring students to report what they have learned in oral and/or written form.

Grading/Progress Reporting

Academic progress is measured on a quarterly basis (four times per year, two times each semester) in the form of Report Cards that are issued to the parents/guardians with option of conferences by appointment only.  Teachers will keep parents/guardians informed if students are not performing at acceptable levels between report cards in the form of Progress Reports.

Final exams will be given in all classes near the end of each semester and will be worth 20% of the semester grade.  Only the semester report card grades will be registered on the student’s permanent transcript.

Bethel Christian Schools does not use ‘curve grading.’  Academic progress is measured using the following letter grading system:

A+ 97-100%    B+ 87-89%      C+ 77-79%    D+ 67-69%     F below 60%
A   94-96         B   84-86         C   74-76       D   64-66
A-  90-93         B-  80-83         C-  70-73       D-  60-63

4 points    3 points    2 points    1 point        0 points

Incomplete Grade

The grade of incomplete is a temporary grade that may be given when a student is unable to complete the required course work within time due to circumstances beyond his/her control. Such circumstances must be clearly unavoidable and not merely a matter of convenience for the student.

An incomplete grade at the quarter or semester grading period will bar a student from participation in any extra-curricular activities (i.e. sports teams, dance or other performances, academic competitions, etc.) until the assigned work is completed for final grade.  The student will have no more than two (2) weeks after the end of the quarter to complete and submit the work assigned for final grading. If the student fails to complete the course work within the specified time, the teacher will award a grade based on work actually completed.

Diagnostic Testing

A.  A student who will be entering Bethel Christian Middle or High School for the first time will be given a test covering English, reading, math, and other general abilities to determine placement.

B.  Students in grades 6 through 11 will be given a diagnostic test each year to measure individual and school-wide achievement.  Parents/guardians will receive score reports at the end of the school year.