Some courses may not be available every year.
*denotes required courses


English 1, 2, & 3 *

Grammar is studied with an emphasis on capitalization and punctuation rules, sentence structure and diagramming, and parts of speech. Stories and poems by various authors will be read, and compositions will be written. Vocabulary and spelling are also included.  Students will be required to complete a book report.


Basic Math and General Math*

Students will review and improve upon skills in fundamental operations, including fractions, decimals, percents, factoring, negative numbers, powers, and roots. Algebra is introduced as students learn to develop and use formulas and solve word problems. Basic concepts of geometry are also covered.


Students will learn to use fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals in all operations.  Concepts of area, percent, ratio, and order of operations are introduced. Basic algebra concepts are practiced thoroughly.


This is a high school course and is available by teacher recommendation only. The properties of number systems are introduced and applied to methods of solving linear equations, inequalities, systems of equations, and quadratic equations. Exponents, polynomials, and factoring are studied and applied to simplify equations and solve fractional equations



This class is designed to bring the student up to a competent and efficient level of physical skill. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and students are encouraged to develop habits and attitudes leading to a lifetime of good health and fitness. Objectives of the course are to improve and increase strength, endurance, motor skills, health habits, and knowledge of sports. Participation and clothing requirement guidelines are sent home during the first week of school (see also General School Procedures section, 18. P.E. Clothes).

By state law, all students must participate in physical education unless they have presented to the Athletic Director a medical excuse signed by a physician that states the period of time for the exclusion, the degree to which the student is to be excluded, and the reason.

Parents may request that a student be excluded from physical education for medical reasons for up to three (3) days by sending a note to the P.E. teacher. Students are required to wear proper dress (regulation shorts, t-shirts, athletic shoes and socks) during physical education class even if not required to participate in the activity.

Interscholastic Athletics

This extra-curricular program is designed for the student who enjoys a high level of competition and who has a high level of athletic ability.  Participation is by tryout only.


Cheerleading is an extra-curricular activity designed as a practice and instruction time for those who are selected for the cheerleading squad. Attendance and performance at all games is required.  Participation in cheerleading is by tryout only. A G.P.A. of at least 2.0 is required.


Science 1*

Christian perspective on Earth Science including study of earth’s atmosphere, geology, oceanography, the cycle of water, science vs. evolution, basic concepts of astronomy and history of space exploration.   Students may be required to do a science project.

Science 2*

Christian perspective on Life Science including study of classification, animal wildlife, plant life, forestry, farming, ecology, creation, magnetism, and electricity.  Students may be required to do a science project.

Science 3*

Christian perspective on Physical Science including study of motion, forces, states of matter, atoms, molecules, chemical interactions, and the earth in space.  Students may be required to do a science project.

Health and Fitness

Students will study habits and lifestyles leading to lifelong fitness and health. Personal care will be covered, with an emphasis on nutrition, fitness, and hygiene. Students will study stress and its management.

First Aid

Students will cover the basics of first aid in this course. Instruction will be given in preventive measures for staying healthy and free from injury. Human anatomy will be covered with a focus on bone, muscles, and joints.


History 1*

Ancient Civilizations – World History up to the fall of the Roman Empire.

History 2*

Medieval and Early Modern Times – World History from the fall of the Roman Empire through World War I.

History 3*

Introduction to U.S. History – Christian perspective and comprehensive of people and events from European exploration to current day.


Bible 1, 2, & 3*

Since the Bible is the Word of God and the infallible rule of faith and practice for all of humanity, the study of the Bible is central to the mission and program of the Christian school. The Bible curriculum includes Old and New Testament surveys and direct studies in both the Old and New Testaments, not to attempt to prove denominational or sectarian point of view but to learn directly about God’s desired relationship between Himself and humanity through the Lord Jesus Christ. The purposes for these studies are to deepen the student’s personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, to learn God’s principles for daily life, and to allow Him to integrate all truth and knowledge through His truth.


Conversational Spanish

This course introduces basic Spanish conversation through short dialogues. Simple forms of listening, comprehension, and speaking are covered.

American Sign Language

This course offers an introduction to sign language with an emphasis on conversing in the language.



This course concentrates on the elements of art, including line, shape, value, volume, texture, and color.  Students will also be introduced to basic fundamentals of drawing.


This course provides an introduction to computer literacy.  Students work in teams using a hands-on approach.

Praise Team

This course will focus on ways to minister to the Lord through music. The students will learn as part of a group how to lead others in worship.


Students will practice and perform drama which is Christian in theme. Students will perform in chapel and participate in various other ministry opportunities.


Students receive training in jazz, hip-hop, tap, ballet, and/or lyrical.  All performances will be to the glory of God and will not emphasize the secular.  One year.

Fantastic 4

Students will be introduced to adult responsibilities with textbook and hands-on activities covering nutrition and food preparation, personal hygiene, college and career choices, personal finances, and family responsibilities.


Students will produce a junior high newspaper, including creative writing, interviews, articles, and artwork.

Instrumental Foundations

Students will be introduced to a variety of instruments.  Instruction will be given for the piano keyboard and other instruments as students show an interest and skill.