Bethel Christian Schools admits students of any race, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin. Please find below links to our various school forms. They are available in PDF format and when you click on the links, you can download the forms. Once downloaded, they can be printed and filled out.


For all new students, including kindergarten students who have attended Bethel Christian Preschool.

  1. Online Application is currently in development and will be made available for the 2019-20 school year.
  2. Application Form
    • Application Forms are available for download below and in the School Office.
    • Return all properly completed Application Forms to the School Office along with a copy of the student’s last report card (except for those entering kindergarten). Testing Fee is due at the time of application and an appointment for testing will be given.
    • Student must perform at grade level or above in order to be accepted into the next grade. BCS will confer with the parents to discuss possible options if there is an issue with the testing results and/or the previous report card/school history.
    • New students in grades 6-12 and their parents/guardians may be scheduled for an interview with the Principal or Vice-Principal.
    • Parents/guardians may be given a Registration packet at the time of testing in good faith, which will not be accepted for processing until final approval for enrollment is granted by the Principal/Vice-Principal, which may take a few days.
    • Parents/guardians will be notified immediately by telephone or email of their student’s final status. Testing Fee will be refunded if the student is not accepted for enrollment.
  1. Online Registration is currently in development and will be made available for the 2019-20 school year.
  2. Registration Packet
    • ALL students (new and returning) must have completed a new Registration packet for each year of attendance. Registration packets are available in the School Office.
    • The following documents must also be presented:
      • Copy of student’s birth certificate (new students)
      • Copy of student’s current immunization records (new students)
      • Updated immunization/physical examination records (1st & 7th grades or as applicable)
      • Verification of student health and accident insurance (all students)
    • Registration Fee is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable.


Enrollment Procedures

Bethel Christian Preschool provides a preschool program which incorporates a teaching environment with a day care center.  We maintain a program that allows for the care of those children whose parents desire a Christ-centered enriched learning program within a Christ-centered day care program.

  1. Contact Preschool office to arrange for tour and pick up of application packet or pre-registration forms depending on class availability.
  2. Complete the registration packet or pre-registration forms (see Pre-registration Procedure) and return them with the appropriate fees.
  3. The Administration will evaluate and determine acceptance of the application based upon completion of all required information.
  4. The Preschool Office will grant clearance or state denial of acceptance of application.
  5. Upon acceptance, class placement will be assigned.
Pre-registration Procedure

Parents desiring to pre-register for either the coming summer or fall term may secure probationary availability by completing the Registration packet and submitting the required deposit. Approximately 2-3 weeks before the desired term, parents will be notified by letter reminding them of the coming start date and any “first day” information will also be included.

Summer “Intent” Registration

Due to the differing of family schedules during the summer months we require all currently enrolled families to submit a Summer Intent Form by the first week of May.  Failure to submit intentions will result in automatic withdrawal in June.