Competition Dance

Competition Dance Teams (grades 3-12)

A.    Dancers must successfully complete the audition process.

1.    Elementary dance teams practice after school and are subject to extra monthly fees.  Participation on the teams is not graded. 

2.    Middle School (grades 6-8)  and High School (grades 9-12) dance teams practice during the elective period for performing arts credit.  There is no extra fee charged for taking these classes.  Participation on the teams is graded                according to cooperativeness; attendance to all practices, extra practices, competitions, and other required events; and completion of written work.

B.    Parents/guardians must pay registration and monthly fees (elementary), costume/accessory fees, competition fees, etc. and provide required shoes, undergarments, etc.

C.    Dancers must maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average AND good behavior in order to continue on a competition dance team.  Dancers may be suspended or removed from a team if they do not meet these expectations.

D.    Additional guidelines and agreements that must be signed by parents/guardians will be issued along with a performance/competition schedule.

E.    Only dance team members, coaches, and managing/support staff may be in the practice area (‘closed practice’ policy).

F.    All dancers and support persons are to ride the team bus or school-sponsored private vehicles whenever leaving the campus as a team.  No students may drive themselves.  Dancers may only be transported to an off-campus dance          event by the parent/guardian if required by the coach or if the coach gives special permission in cases of unchangeable circumstances.

G.    Rules for behavior at off-campus events apply.

H.    All dancers, coaches, parents/guardians, and others who attend competitions in support of the teams are expected to show GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP at all times by cheering for and offering positive remarks for good performance.          BAD SPORTSMANSHIP includes criticizing the coaches, athletes, officials, or opposing team constituents.  Such behavior may result in removal from that competition and/or denial to attend future competitions.

I.    Parents/guardians may pick-up their dancer at an off-campus location after practice or competition by signing out with the coach.  No students may leave with an unauthorized pick-up person.

Overnight Competitions

1. Middle and High School teams will be under the direct supervision of the dance coaches for the entirety of the overnight competition including transportation, competition, lodging, etc.